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A night at the Festival de las Naciones in Sevilla

6th October, 2015 ·

Last night we experienced “Festival de las Naciones” and had a blast. Our mentor, Maria, organized the night, and five girls from my school attended.

First, we walked through many of the different shops and found lots of different kinds of souvenirs. We bought jewelry, wallets, paintings, clothing and many other things that will always help remind us of our time here studying abroad in Seville! Seeing all of the different shops made us realize the vast variety of culture that exists throughout the world.

Festival de las Naciones

After shopping, we explored the different countries and the food that they offer. We checked out what type of food each of them was cooking, and finally decided to head to South Africa and taste something new…Crocodile! It was an interesting experience, and there’s certainly a first time for everything! We decided that the crocodile tastes a bit like both chicken and fish and we all enjoyed tasting something new.

Festival de las Naciones

Attending this festival made me realize what a wonderful time it is to be here in Seville, and the unforgettable experience of studying abroad.



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