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Vocabulary to enjoy the Feria de Abril as a true sevillano

27th April, 2017 ·

¡Hola a todos!

I hope that you had a fantastic Semana Santa and that you are looking forward to our other great spring festivity: the Feria de Abril (April’s Fair)! This year, the Feria will start on April 30th at 00:00h and it will last for a week. Interestingly, it was supposed to start at that time on May 1st but, since it was going to mean that the April’s Fair was not going to be celebrated in April, the town hall organized a referendum so people could vote if they wanted it to start a day earlier.

As usual, we want you to enjoy our traditions as a true sevillano. You have already learnt how to master the art of dancing sevillanas in our flamenco workshop and now what you need to know is this basic vocabulary related to the Feria de Abril:

  • Alumbrao: it is the official start of the Feria and the moment when all the lights (including the portada and the farolillos) are switched on. It normally takes place on a Tuesday at 00:00 h but this year, as mentioned above, it will take place on Sunday 30th.
  • Cacharritos: this is how we call the amusement rides of the Feria de Abril. They are located along the Calle del Infierno and it is the main incentive for children to come to the Feria. In addition, there are amusement rides for adults, such as the barca vikinga (Viking boat), rollercoasters, canguros (kangaroos…not the animal!), and the Ferris wheels.
  • Calle del Infierno: it literally means ‘Hell Street’ and it is where the amusement park of the Feria de Abril is. This part is separated from the casetas and you will easily find it as you will be able to see the amusement rides especially the Ferris ride from afar.
  • Casetas: they are the marquee tents where people meet to eat, drink and dance. Some of them are public but most of them are private. If you want  to get into a private one, you need to know someone who is a socio (member) of that caseta and can get you in.
Casetas y farolillos

Casetas y farolillos

  • Farolillos: they are the little and colorful lanterns located all around the Real de la Feria and switched on during the alumbrao. They are an authentic landmark of the Feria.
  • Pescaíto: it is the night when the Feria officially starts. People gather in the casetas with their friends and family to eat fried fish for dinner before going to see the alumbrao.
  • Portada: it is the main entrance to the the Feria de Abril and its lightning (alumbrao) during la noche del pescaíto marks the beginning of the Feria. Each year, it has a different design and in 2017 it commemorates the 25th anniversary of the celebration of the Universal Exposition of Seville (Expo ’92). The portada is the main meeting point for sevillanos, although meeting someone there is difficult because it is always crowded.
Portada de la Feria

Portada de la Feria

  • Real de la feria: it is the enclosure where the Feria de Abril is located. It is divided into two parts: the part where the casetas are and the part where the cacharritos are.
  • Traje de flamenca: it is the traditional dress worn by women at the Feria. It is a slim-fit dress that normally has some kind of print, such as polka-dots or flowers. Women combine them with colorful mantoncillos (shawls), earrings and brooches. Additionally, they wear flowers in their hair.
Traje de flamenca

Traje de flamenca

You can now go to the Feria de Abril and enjoy it as a true sevillano!



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