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Liberal Arts and Business Fundamentals Barcelona Program

The UT|GO Barcelona Program gives Liberal Arts students the opportunity to learn about business fundamentals through a customized course taught by local faculty at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and to take courses at the International Summer School at the UPF. Throughout the program, students improve their Spanish language skills and learn local customs by living with host families. They enjoy the Catalan cuisine and go out on weekly adventures guided by local students who are our ESA Mentors. This is a fantastic program that teaches students about Spanish and Catalan cultures while studying at a top European University.


City and Photography Program

The Texas A&M Barcelona Art and Architecture Program emphasizes the interlinking roles of art, culture, and architecture, enabling students to explore the rich historic and multi-cultural context of Barcelona. The group visits the city’s cultural institutions and important architectural and historical sites, while learning about communication and design philosophy. The students travel to Madrid for the Photo España festival and to Bilbao, Sevilla, or Santiago de Compostela to photograph and learn about the art and architecture of these cities.


Barcelona Architecture Program

Texas A&M architecture students spend a semester in Barcelona studying architecture at the Barcelona Architecture Center. The courses include urban planning, Spanish and European architecture, design studios, and construction science. They participate in an intensive orientation session upon arrival and enjoy a group meal to experience the local cuisine.


Barcelona Cultural Studies Program

Texas A&M students participate in a total immersion learning experience in Barcelona. The program places excursions and cultural outings at the core of instruction and offers students the possibility to learn on-site about the city from its Roman origins to its modern days. Classes are imparted in different historical locations (museums, medieval cities, architectural landmarks) as well as at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Following the four-week program, students can choose to extend their stay in Barcelona to participate in the six week International Summer School at the UPF.


Construction Science Program

Texas A&M construction science students visit local construction companies, law firms, and city development organizations to learn about the laws and policies of construction, development, and historical preservation in Spain. After mid-day meals at some of Barcelona’s best cafés, the group visits cultural and historical sites to learn about Barcelona’s history and culture.



Is this F.C. Barcelona? Even better….Pompeu soccer!

You never really appreciate your own language until you are suddenly lost in translation, and in my case, lost on the soccer field. When I thought about joining the club soccer team at my University here in Barcelona I knew it wouldn't be easy. First of all, it's always hard being the new girl on a team. I was anxious that these girls would not like my style of play or in general just not accept the "American girl from the Jersey Shore". After my first practice, I realized that these would be the least of my worries.  I like to think that I am a semi-advanced Spanish speaker, but Catalan is a whole different story. Mostly all of the 20 girls on the team speak Castellano but when Pat, our coach, is describing drills she of course speaks in Catalan. Afterwards I get a brief and struggled attempt at a translation by one of the girls who are brave enough to practice their English. (I really appreciate the effort though.) Needless to say, communicating is not easy. I have realized that fortunately humor and food is universal across cultures.  Of course knowing a little Spanish is a big help, but also all the girls think the Jersey Shore is hilarious and they were just as excited to get McFlurries to celebrate our games in Girona as I was  I'm looking forward to playing in the championship finals this week! Let's go Pompeu! Samantha Cicconi, University of Richmond


The Adventurer of the Year: Kilian Jornet

Truth is stranger than fiction! Are you motivated to go running when it’s pouring outside? How about in a snowstorm? Can you imagine running 500 miles in 7 days or 165 miles in 28 hours? Well, the Catalan outdoor sports superman, Kilian Jornet has done it! He crossed the Pyrenees Mountains from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic! This sums up to 27 miles of positive grade. I can't even wrap my head around that idea. This endeavor is comparable to climbing several times up and down Mount Everest!! Does the Tahoe Rim trail, sound more familiar? 165 miles of single track, winding from peak to peak around Lake Tahoe. Kilian did it in 28 hours flat!! What about sleep? Well, 1 hour was enough for him. Each person has a hero: Superman, Spiderman, Gandhi. Mine is Kilian Jornet! Read more about him at: and in Adventurer of the Year 2014: