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Texas A&M Barcelona Semester Architecture Program

Texas A&M architecture students spend a semester in Barcelona studying architecture at the Barcelona Architecture Center. The courses include urban planning, Spanish and European architecture, design studios, and construction science. They participate in an intensive orientation session upon arrival and enjoy a group meal to experience the local cuisine.


Texas A&M Barcelona Art and Architecture Program

The Texas A&M Barcelona Art and Architecture Program emphasizes the interlinking roles of art, culture, and architecture, enabling students to explore the rich historic and multi-cultural context of Barcelona. The group visits the city’s cultural institutions and important architectural and historical sites, while learning about communication and design philosophy. The students travel to Madrid for the Photo España festival and to Bilbao, Sevilla, or Santiago de Compostela to photograph and learn about the art and architecture of these cities.


Texas A&M Barcelona Construction Science Program

Texas A&M construction science students visit local construction companies, law firms, and city development organizations to learn about the laws and policies of construction, development, and historical preservation in Spain. After mid-day meals at some of Barcelona’s best cafés, the group visits cultural and historical sites to learn about Barcelona’s history and culture.


Texas A&M Semester Direct Enrollment Barcelona Program at the UPF

Texas A&M students from all colleges live and study in Barcelona for a semester studying at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The program is designed to immerse participants in the city and culture. Students live with a host family, study with local and international sutdents, and participate in exciting activities and excursions throughout the semester.