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Barcelona Semester Exchange Program

University of Richmond students live and study in Barcelona on a semester exchange program studying business, political science, communications, and other subjects. The program combines coursework either at ESADE or at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra with cultural outings, excursions, and intercultural workshops.



Is this F.C. Barcelona? Even better….Pompeu soccer!

You never really appreciate your own language until you are suddenly lost in translation, and in my case, lost on the soccer field. When I thought about joining the club soccer team at my University here in Barcelona I knew it wouldn't be easy. First of all, it's always hard being the new girl on a team. I was anxious that these girls would not like my style of play or in general just not accept the "American girl from the Jersey Shore". After my first practice, I realized that these would be the least of my worries.  I like to think that I am a semi-advanced Spanish speaker, but Catalan is a whole different story. Mostly all of the 20 girls on the team speak Castellano but when Pat, our coach, is describing drills she of course speaks in Catalan. Afterwards I get a brief and struggled attempt at a translation by one of the girls who are brave enough to practice their English. (I really appreciate the effort though.) Needless to say, communicating is not easy. I have realized that fortunately humor and food is universal across cultures.  Of course knowing a little Spanish is a big help, but also all the girls think the Jersey Shore is hilarious and they were just as excited to get McFlurries to celebrate our games in Girona as I was  I'm looking forward to playing in the championship finals this week! Let's go Pompeu! Samantha Cicconi, University of Richmond