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We are a leading customized programs provider in Europe. We facilitate high impact cultural learning programs and our work is guided by our values of linguistic and cultural diversity, respect for people and the environment, an appreciation for Arts and Culture, community engagement, and inclusion

ESA combines intercultural learning, academic inquiry and curricular goals with our expert on-site knowledge and logistic resources to create unique, customized programs in Europe. Since 2008, we’ve supported high-quality customized programs for colleges and universities from around the world.

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ESA is a small business delivering a high quality service. We customize the program to your requests and offer an outstanding experience at an affordable cost, all with the flexibility that you need to make your program exactly how you want it.

ESA proudly partners with these institutions, among others:


A note from our CEO and Founder


Lynn Wallace

ESA Founder

“Immersing oneself in a new culture can be life changing both personally and professionally.”

Fluent in four languages, this mom of three leads two families: her genealogical one and her professional one. Lynn founded ESA in 2008 following her passion for study abroad and cross cultural exchange. Having lived in Latin America and Europe, the Texas-born founder of ESA believes in travel with a purpose. Lynn loves gardening and trusts in more inclusive and sustainable programs. Based in Portland, Oregon, Lynn has played all roles for the company and she’s currently in charge of all the company’s administrative tasks, program development, and overseeing her permanent and seasonal staff as well as ESA partners and their professors.

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