ESA Diversity, Inclusion, and non Discrimination Statement

We celebrate diversity. We are proud of the diverse background of our participants. We understand that opportunities come differently to every person and we are deeply dedicated to equity and inclusion.

When creating programs, we are committed to fulfill the participants’ necessities, ranging from mental health issues to accessibility needs and learning differences. We also keep in mind their religious and ethnic backgrounds, dietary needs, as well as the LGBTQ+ community, first generation students, and those in financial need. For that reason, we work every day to provide our students with the logistics and information they may need, including cultural considerations, mobility and accessibility resources, and local resources for them to have a smooth experience.

We truly believe that studying abroad should be accessible and affordable for everyone, and that all students should have the same opportunities. 

If you are participating in any of our programs, please feel safe to communicate with us at any time, and let us know what concerns you. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity, and we want this experience to be enjoyable and profitable for everyone. We celebrate your diversity. We are here to support you.

Let’s work together!

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