Program development

We are looking forward to building a program with you. Here are the steps we follow for the creation and development of your program. It takes time to plan and develop a program as each experience is customized. Contact us today to get started on yours!


- 1 - 
Share with us your program details

- 2 -
Review ESA Program Proposal 

- 3 -
Provide modifications

- 4 -
Receive final proposal

- 5 -
Proposal approved and contracted by institution

- 6 -
Program development starts!

- 7 -
Review first draft of detailed itinerary 

- 8 - 
Receive final itinerary and arrival details to share with your students

- 9 -
Your trip begins!

- 10 -
After your trip, your customized program manager will get in touch with you for feedback and next program edition!

Let’s work together!

Have ideas for a program in Europe?
Just some questions to get started?


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