Do you enjoy fantastic film? Horror? Science-fiction? Then you shouldn't miss Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, the world's most renowned genre film festival in the world. Until Sunday 14th, some of the most important personalities in the industry will be in the seaside town of Sitges, just half an hour from Barcelona!

Directed by Angel sala, the festival has a long trajectory celebrating the history and development of fantastic film, and each edition is dedicated to a different author, event or work. These year, on its 51st edition, Sitges pays tribute to Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey, hosting activities such as the Sitges Bacanal, a thematic banquet inspired on the futuristic film.

Other events scheduled on every edition are the classic zombie walk, the round tables on film industry in the film hub, genre book presentations in the FNAC stand, Sitges Pitchbox (where new creators can present their projects to professionals on the industry), and the Sitges Festival Red Carpet, where worldwide well-known celebrities walk before they present their films. This year edition if proud to host names such as Tilda Swinton, Nicholas Cage, Ron Perlman, or J.A. Bayona! Also, every year the town of Sitges hosts free entrance thematic exhibitions as well; this year you can enjoy some of them devoted to filmic psycho-killers, or Spanish 60s horror boom and exploitation movies.

Of course, as any other festival, Sitges has different categories for its screenings, some of them being part of the competition, both for professionals with settle careers and for new creators. The most important ones are the Official Fantastic selection and Official Fantastic Discovery. Some other sections focus on Catalan productions, short movies, and international independent works. Also, among the juries for the festival we can count international and national key names on the industry, such as Carolina Bang (producer and actress), Fernando Navarro (screenwriter), John Ajvide Lindqvist (author), Jesus Palacios (critic), Jaume Balaguero (director), and Paco Plaza (director).

The program for the festival can be found here, and movies are screened in Auditori Melia and Sala Tramuntana, Cinema El Retiro, and Cinema Prado.

You still have time, come to Sitges and enjoy the world’s #1 fantastic film festival!!

Sitges 2018 poster Sitges! Screening at Auditori El Retiro Sunset in sitges Sala Bigradoon