My internship as an ESA mentor started last 9th January, a Friday afternoon exactly. It was time to pick the UNE students up at the airport and meet them for the first time. I was so excited! Cristina (one of the three ESA mentors) and I were waiting for them with our UNE identification. This memory seems to me so recent... Months have gone by so quickly.


My tasks were not really tough. My maing goal was guiding them through Sevilla and showing them the Spanish culture. They had to become Spaniards and no ‘guiris’ or foreigners anymore. From January, they started to belong to a new city. Introducing them local friends wasn’t a bad beginning.

Being a mentor has been a positive experience – no doubts about it. Not only has it introduced me to the American culture but it has also made me more open-minded. It has always been a pleasure to talk to them and share different points of view. There’s always something new to learn and I can say I’ve learned a lot from them all. I’m so glad to call that group of 14 friends now. They are not leaving empty-handed, of that I am sure. They’re going back home with a suitcase full of good memories, stories and itching to share their experience with their relatives and friends!


Sevilla and I will miss all of them. Hopefully, this definitely isn’t a goodbye, more of a see you later!