If you are hungry in Sevilla but you want to save money for travelling, this is your post!

The following five restaurants are perfect to eat around Sevilla without spending so much money.


  1. Boga Gourmet La Buhaira.

It is the ideal place to eat gourmet tapas without spending a fortune. I recommend you this discount where you pay near 13€ and you get 4 tapas (you have to chose them out of the list they give you) and 2 drinks.

Av. de la Buhaira, 1.


  1. El Rincón del Tito.

This restaurant stands out for its homemade food from Sevilla, although you won't find traditional and local fried food. The restaurant is very cozy and you will not spend more than 10 euros. You can also find some gourmet tapas.

C/ Escuelas Pías, 10.


  1. Patio San Eloy.

It's a very famous restaurant in Seville. Why? Because people find interesting to eat in “gradas”. In addition, it is very cheap and the tapas are large in size. There is more than one Patio San Eloy in Seville. I recommend you the restaurant on Calle San Eloy, near ESA office.

The five Patio San Eloy in Sevilla are:

C/ Cuna, 5 | C/ San Eloy, 5 | C/ Mateos Gago, 4 | C/ San Jacinto, 16 (this one is the closest to Los Remedios) | C/ Alhóndiga, 14


  1. Piano Piano.

At this Italian restaurant, you can enjoy your pizza while watching the Torre del Oro. Because of its location, people think it’s too expensive. However, prices are affordable compared to the surrounding restaurants. In addition, the pizzas dough is perfect: fine and crunchy.

I recommend you buy this discount where you pay 35 euros and you get a menu for two people (including a starter to share, a main course for each person, a dessert to share and a drink for each person.)

C/ Almirante Lobo, 5.


  1. Las Golondrinas 2.

This restaurant is popular because of its low prices and big plates. People usually spend less than 10 euros. However, you can’t expect a gastrobar. This is the perfect place to eat traditional food from Sevilla.

C/ Pagés del corro, 76

Here you have a map with all the restaurants from 1 to 5.

Imagen 1

See you!