ESA takes part in two important events for the field of education abroad in November: (1) the Forum on Education Abroad’s second European conference in Barcelona and (2) the NAFSA BiRegional Conference in Portland, OR.

It is both inspiring and exciting to meet colleagues and share the good work of ESA!

(1) The Forum on Education Abroad’s second European conference focuses on Europe as the ‘traditional’ leading destination for U.S. education abroad students. This conference will explore the challenges and opportunities for education abroad in the context of the view of Europe as a traditional destination. How has education abroad in Europe evolved over the years? How will it continue to evolve? How can we prepare students to value the realities of the “contemporary” European experience?

(2) NAFSA: Association of International Educators is a member organization promoting international education and providing professional development opportunities to the field. NAFSA is constantly working to raise awareness of and support for the contributions of international education and exchange to U.S. leadership, security, and competitiveness.