Our thoughts are with all of those who have seen their lives affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We are deeply sorry our 2020 Spring and Summer program students have had their study abroad experience interrupted or cancelled due to this crisis.

At ESA we are monitoring the situation through official sources and working to be ready to offer the best experiences in Europe to our program participants under the safest conditions. We hope to be able to welcome new students very soon and safety is our top priority. Because of that, we have created a protocol of social distancing measures to be applied to our programs, in order to better protect the health of our participants and their program leaders. We will be sharing these protocols with you in our program proposals and direct communications. Please email us at: lynn@servicesabroad.com for more information or for any questions you may have.

We are positive we will soon be back to normal but, meanwhile, we want to guarantee that our upcoming programs run safely and smoothly. During the following months, we will keep monitoring the situation and we cannot wait to see new students coming to Europe to enjoy the best experience of their lives with us.

We cannot emphasize enough how important students and faculty members are for us, and how this situation has impacted our mission and projects. However, as said, their safety is our priority, and we want to send them our best wishes, and thank our partner institutions and students for your patience, responsibility, and support!