New cultures are always something exciting. If you like travelling or meeting new people, you will like the Festival de las Naciones - Nations Fair. This is a very popular exhibition of countries around the world, and it is located very close to all of you, at ‘El Prado de San Sebastian’, Sevilla. The name should sound familiar to you because it is also one of the metro stops. El Prado de San Sebastián is a really nice park and it is where the festival takes places every year.

This year, the Festival de las Naciones takes place in Seville from the 16th of September to the 30th of October, and it is open until 12pm. The entrance is free, and there is no limit of people. There are plenty of food stands and souvenirs stalls. You can find here different types of clothes or presents, but it is very traditional to buy some of the handmade jewelry from other countries. Some of these are Argentina, Colombia, The Philippines, United Kingdom or Japan, but there are many more.  Once and again, it is a special day for a country, and the performances or events turn around this particular nation, for example the day of Sweden or the day of Mexico.

But this festival it is also related to the music. Throughout the month and a half that is set up in Sevilla, there are some music performances. Most of the artist are not very well-known and the entrance is free. In my opinion, the coolest thing is the tribute to other artist, like David Bowie (10/27), the Beatles (10/15), Amy Winehouse (10/1), Michael Jackson (10/8) or Freddie Mercury (10/8).

El Festival de las Naciones is an obligatory stop if you are in Sevilla during Fall semester. You should try the different and exotic kind of food (you can try the kangaroo burger!), and maybe buy something artisanal for you. Do not miss it!