Today I’ve decided to talk to you about movie theaters in Sevilla. You may be wondering why I chose this topic. Well, I think that nearly the 95% of people in the USA and Spain spend their free time watching movies or series on Netflix (at least, that’s my favorite hobby). However, you need to connect with the Spanish culture, so pack your stuff and let’s go to watch a movie at the movie theater! I’m going to resume you the best ones in Seville:

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Cinesur Nervión Plaza - Calle Luis de Morales, 3, 41005, Sevilla

I think it’s the best option for you because it is next to the metro stop “Nervión”. The movie theater is located on the third floor of the mall called Nervión Plaza. At this movie theater, you can sometimes find original version movies with subtitles in Spanish.

Multicine Los Arcos - Avenida de Andalucía, sin número, 41007, Sevilla.

The second biggest movie theater in Seville. The quickest and easiest way to go there is by bus (buses number 02, 24 and 29). Maybe I prefer Cinesur Nervión Plaza because of the transportation, but here you can find the same movies as the first one.

Besides watching a movie, these two movie theaters are located at the top of two malls: Centro Comercial Nervión Plaza and Centro Comercial Los Arcos. So you can go shopping, then go to watch a movie and end having dinner at a restaurant of the mall.

Cinesa Plaza de Armas - Plaza La Legión, 8, 41001, Sevilla.

A really good option because of its location. It’s the second closest one to the city center. A negative point is that it has a small number of theaters, so the places are more limited.

Alameda Multicines - Calle Alameda de Hércules, 9, 41002, Sevilla.

Actually, this one is in the city center. However, this movie theater is special because it’s one of the oldest one and it is not as busy as the other ones, but you can find very interesting movies. In addition, it’s surrounded by multiple restaurants and pubs where you can have a drink or have dinner before or after the movie.

All of these movie theaters are perfect for you because of their location and the huge variety of movies. Sometimes you can watch original version movies with subtitles in Spanish but you have to try to watch a movie without any help - that’s how you are going to learn! And you can have a good time with one of your friends eating popcorn and drinking a soft drink.

The link below is a site with all the movie theaters located in Sevilla and surrounding towns. If you click on the name of one of them, you will find the movies that are being screened and when they’re scheduled.,43,0.html

See you soon, guys!