Hi guys! I hope you are as excited as me to start over with this blog. I have chosen to write about different coffee shops in Sevilla this time, as most of you like studying at places with a cool atmosphere. Starbucks in Sevilla is an overrated place, the prices are too high for the Spanish students and the quality not good enough compared to other places… so why not going to an actual coffee shop in downtown Sevilla? You’ll notice that Sevilla is a very traditional city, but that does not mean that we don’t have trends, and that we don’t know the meaning of “hipster places”. So put your computer and books in your bag and get ready to discover all these wonderful places full of magic (and free wifi) I’m going to list them here below:


Un gato en bicicleta - Calle Pérez Galdós, 22, 41004 Sevilla.

In this place you will find some art exhibitions in the walls and a good cinnamon smell. They hold special events like concerts every month. You can check their FB page, where they post all of the information.


El Gallo Rojo - Calle Viriato, 9, 41003 Sevilla

This place is full of natural light, with wide windows and comfy sofas. It’s a quiet place during the afternoon but in the evening they normally organize dancing class, jazz concerts, taco nights and even DJ sessions! They also have lots of different desserts, including vegan cakes.


Caótica Calle José Gestoso, 8, 41003 Sevilla

This is both a coffee shop and a bookshop. The first floor is a regular coffee shop with a nice decoration but in the second floor they hold lots of book presentations and speeches about literature, worth a try!


Torch Coffee Roasters - Paseo de las Delicias, 3, 41001, Sevilla (Next to McDonalds)

This coffee shop is not as wild as the others. This place is more simple regarding decoration but it’s still nice, close to Los Remedios and definitely a quiet place to gather at.


La Cacharrería Calle Regina, 14, 41003 Sevilla

This tiny little place is full of all kinds of objects – even one of the walls is covered by 5 cents coins –  and the cakes here are delicious. You don’t have to come to this places to just study or concentrate, but also to enjoy them! The waiters are always nice and you should also try the different juices and teas they serve.

These are just some of the places I recommend you to go, but changes are always happening and every now and then a new spot opens, so be ready to discover all this locations and if you happen to find a newer and cooler one don’t hesitate to contact me!