Last Friday, our coordinator Rubén organized and headed a new visit for us all: UNE students and mentors. It was time to know the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC) – an institute for the research, promotion and conservation of contemporary art.
We were supposed to arrive by bus or walking, but a plan had come to our minds the day before while I and some of my UNE peers were having some delicious merienda in our favourite cafe. ‘Why don’t we go with our blades?’ I love rollerblading, so obviously I said ‘yes!’


Leah, Nikita and I met to go together. It was a sunny spring-like Friday and nearly 4 miles were ahead of us to get to the museum, our meeting point. We followed the bike lanes and finally we made it safe and sound!


As soon as we joined the others, Rubén gave us some information about the place we were visiting. An old monastery from the 15thcentury (Monasterio de la Cartuja) converted into a pottery factory in mid-19 century now houses these contemporary art exhibitions.


We shouldn’t be surprised since Sevilla is a city full of contrasts, where the past lives alongside the present!


Once we were finished and after enjoying our cultural and arty visit, it was time to go back home. The three of us were ready to rollerblade again! Sevilla is such a good place for rollerblading; no slopes in the city makes blading an easy and healthy way of moving around! Definitely, that plan had been a good one!