The day started off with a short bus ride, and then a long walk through Parque del Alamillo. Though some of us got a little lost, there couldn't have a better place to do so. The grass was green, and the trees draped over the well-kept pathways. It was like we were on a safari, while birds with interesting beaks flashed from tree to tree. The stray cats, I have become accustomed to in Spain, scurried across the walkways and sat perched atop trash cans. Though the sky was hazy, the heat bared down on us. Miriam came to our rescue and led us to the others who had been waiting and eating their lunch. Once the small picnic was about over, some of us grabbed a Frisbee and soccer ball and started to pass it back and forth. A very interesting game of catch mixed with kicking the soccer ball ensued.

The last of us finished our food, and we packed up in search of a level and open area to start our kickball game. There a lot of opinions of what the rules were, but we managed to come to an agreement. The UNE students explained everything to the Spanish students, and then the teams were formed. The only advice I could give the Spanish students was to just kick the ball as hard as they could. They did great! Some foul balls were kicked, but everyone was having trouble with this. Some might have kicked the ball a little too hard, creating the need for some creative problem solving though. The game was a close one, but who really cares about the points? It was all in good fun with laughter and games. A beautiful adventure through the park, an exciting game of kickball, and a couple of good laughs. What a way to end the week.