Truth is stranger than fiction!

Are you motivated to go running when it’s pouring outside? How about in a snowstorm? Can you imagine running 500 miles in 7 days or 165 miles in 28 hours? Well, the Catalan outdoor sports superman, Kilian Jornet has done it!

He crossed the Pyrenees Mountains from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic! This sums up to 27 miles of positive grade. I can't even wrap my head around that idea. This endeavor is comparable to climbing several times up and down Mount Everest!!

Does the Tahoe Rim trail, sound more familiar? 165 miles of single track, winding from peak to peak around Lake Tahoe. Kilian did it in 28 hours flat!! What about sleep? Well, 1 hour was enough for him.

Each person has a hero: Superman, Spiderman, Gandhi. Mine is Kilian Jornet!

Read more about him at: and in Adventurer of the Year 2014: